Simply Tidy Organizing Solutions is an organizing company that inspires change, so you can regain control over your life

We are fully insured and offer an array of organizing services designed and personalized in accordance to your needs.

We organize your office by de-cluttering your desk, create files and organizing systems tailored to your natural learning style - be it kinesthetic, visual or auditory (or a combination of the three), reorganize the office space more efficiently, and provide you with organizing tips that will help you stay organized.


We will work together to find more efficient uses of your storage space. Any storage available in your house/condo will be assessed and purged, so you can keep only the essentials that you need. No clutter in this area, so you can easily retrieve What you need When you need it.


By providing wardrobe assistance, we will help you choose the most efficient closet organizing system. Our approach will help you purge your closets and teach you how to use that space, so when you open the door you'll love what you see. We will also teach you how to sort your clothes and choose only the ones that you really love and fit your style, so having less will feel like having more. The closets will breathe fresh air and the planet too; no contribution to the landfill from you! It is a win-win situation! You will end up with neat, organized clothes, shoes and accessories, all in one neat place.



Have you just bought that dream condo or house but you are overwhelmed and have no time to take care of where everything goes? We can help you! Have your space organized and your belongings in place before you even move in. Come to a home that is inviting rather than into a space filled with boxes and furniture. We can unpack, install shelves and organizing units, custom closets, and everything else that you possibly need in your home, so the transition is an enjoyable, no-hassle journey. For custom built-in solutions we work with great third party companies.



Living in a small condo or house and feeling as there is never enough space for everything that you own? Fret no more. Help is on the way! We provide organizing systems that will maximize your space. By working together we will create a plan, then go through all your belongings. You will decide what you want to keep, sell, trash or donate.  We will also re-organize your furniture if needed or, help you choose space-saving pieces designed for small spaces.  At the end of the process, you will realize that your space will have a more efficient flow, and every square-foot has a proper use. Yes, walls and corners included! The ceiling is the limit!



We’ll help you de-clutter and organize all areas of your condominium and/or your house: basement, mudroom, entryway, closets, living room, kitchen, pantry, bedroom, children play areas, bathrooms, storage, attic, home entertainment room/home theatre, laundry room.



Desk de-cluttering, space planning and reorganizing, files management, sort papers & set up systems for your papers.


Simply Tidy Organizing Solutions respects your privacy and will always hold the strictest of confidentiality regarding you, your family and your home. Your information will not be disclosed to any third parties and we request the same in return.

Being a proud member of the POC (Professional Organizers In Canada), we abide by the following code of ethics.

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