Toronto-based Professional Organizer, Angelica has a passion for teaching and motivating others to make positive changes in their lives by organizing. Her life-time passion for organizing along with a background in environmental and health studies, led her to the idea of creating Simply Tidy Organizing Solutions. She loves to help others live more sustainable, simple and more balanced lives by guiding them to become more aware about the impact that surrounding home and work environments can have on their overall well-being. By adopting empathetic, environmentally-friendly, and personalized organizing approaches that inspire change, her desire is to make a real difference – one life at a time.

A believer of “less is more” and “if you don’t use it, loose it” or better say “re-purpose it”, Angelica tackles the most cluttered spaces and creates functional systems to keep clutter away. Her problem-solving and “how-to” abilities make it possible for her to transform spaces into homes and maximize the use of every square foot more efficiently. Angelica believes that “stuff” is overwhelming and adds to the landfill. She will help you re-purpose what you already have in creative ways, so you can save money, and do something positive for the planet too. She also believes that clearing clutter at home or in your office will transform your life for the best; you become more productive, you de-stress, and you are able to make time for things you enjoy to do most.

Angelica is an active member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), Canada’s national association of professional organizers. Through this association she stays informed on professional organizing industry trends, gets involved in charity events with fellow organizers, and upgrades her credentials in the industry, so she can serve you better.